Electronic waste (E-waste) is one of the largest waste streams of the 21st century. E-waste consists of countless forms of processed metal. Because the demand for natural metals can be met increasingly difficult, only new insights can lead to a solution to this problem in the long run.
Micro Urban Mining is a form of small-scale metal extraction by individuals. A future-design-scenario, which odes to forgotten (natural) metals. Micro Urban Mining is a system based on existing processes that can be transformed into a new vision on how to deal with E-waste.
The Micro Urban Mining process starts with disassembling computers and the stripping of cables to win back relatively large quantities of aluminum and copper. Looking at the properties of aluminum the Urban Miner can melt this with meager resources. The copper lends itself well to be used in its solid form through various weaving techniques. This low-tech crafts work is in line with the self-sustaining approach of the Urban Miner.
It is an intensive and time-consuming process for the individual, but with the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Learning the skills needed for this process will restore the connection between creating and using an object. The Micro Urban Miner gives these metals a new value.
Part of the Micro Urban Mining graduation project, Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam / 2015

This movie shows the process the future Urban Miner would follow to re-use copper and aluminum.