Glansch magazine is about the modern translation of authenticity. Authenticity inspired by elegant elderly ladies who strongly stand for their personal style. These ladies 'are here to inspire generations', she encourages the younger generation to dress who they truly are. The magazine stands for authenticity, fascination and gives inspiration about the dare to be. The street style reportage is called the '6 time traveling fashion pieces'. Due six seasons we show six modern translations of an iconic and authentic garment. We dive into the wardrobe of the elderly lady, grab a striking item and see if the younger generation wears this nowadays. This streetstyle is about giving a tribute to a time traveling fashion piece, which returns to successive generations and have been cherished by them. An article about the 'Fast 50's Fashion' included. The era where stuffy and glamor came together; the fifties makes a huge comeback on the international catwalk. Illustrated with graphics, dated and current photos.
This concept is created as an assignment for the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam in collaboration with Josse Willems. / 2013